Does you career lack direction?

Eye-opener based on an honest and direct feedback

Career advice from Populos involves coaching and sparring to put your career on the right track. We will review your CV, your career thus far and your competencies. We will start with your career ambitions, and together we will determine where to focus your efforts to get where you want to be. This could be internally, at your current place of work, or it may involve a new job altogether.

You will receive honest and direct feedback, which can be a real eye-opener with regard to whether your dreams are realistic – or if you should actually focus on something entirely different. In the end, it’s about doing what you are good at, what drives you and what makes you happy.

Our focus on the whole person, combined with our solid insight into the job market, could be a good investment and short cut to getting your career on track.







Standard course

The course will typically consist of 3-4 sessions of 1.5 hours:

  • Review of your CV
  • Identification of professional and personal competencies
  • Assessment with MPA profile
  • Coaching and sparring in relation to specific options